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Creative Finesse was founded in 2005 with the purpose of providing small business assistance to those seeking such services.  Various creative aspects were included as well, and many were helped during that phase of operations.  I have set aside those resources and most of the prior web site for your use if you are seeking business assistance.  Please visit the "Business Resources" link.  But now things have changed.

Now, Creative Finesse has taken advantage of this change in "atmosphere" to focus more specifically on the aspect of operations nearest and dearest to me.  That would be the creative side - and it seems the possibilities are limitless.  All of this is a blessing indeed.  To be able to do what one loves and was gifted from above to do, well that is a blessing.

Thank you for stopping by Creative Finesse and for appreciating the special talents and qualities that are required to delve into something as adventurous as this.  Adventure is a great word choice here because this is the start of something BIG - and it occurs over and over again.  Each day is new!  Each is exciting!  Having time and space filled to capacity with creativity is akin to childlike play with adult-style rewards.  Blessings indeed.


I hope you enjoy your time here and that you find aspects of the creative to which you can contribute, things to share, ways to partake and be a blessing while also hopefully being blessed.  Welcome to Creative Finesse, my little special corner of this great big world!
Dec. 2010

Welcome to my world of creativity!

Jenna Van Son
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Main Entry:  1cre·a·tive                                                   
Pronunciation: krE-'A-tiv,
Function: adjective
1 : marked by the ability or power to
create : given to creating <the creative impulse>
2 : having the quality of something
created rather than imitated : IMAGINATIVE
<the creative arts>
Main Entry:  1fi·nesse                                 
Etymology: Middle English, from
Middle French, from fin
1 : refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture
2 : skillful handling of a situation : adroit maneuvering





















My musings . . .
         By Jenna Van Son  

       Previously listed as my "Thought for the Day"
       Feel free to use - with appropriate credit given.               
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~ We often find the best surprises when not looking for them & sometimes these exist
   in new impressions of others!

~ Questions often arise just as we are in greatest need of answers.

~ In difficult times wisdom prevails - but only if received from the wise.

~ Starting over need not mean starting from scratch.

~ Calmness prevails and will lead to the true next step.

~ The fear or foreboding are usually outweighed by the victory after the action is behind us.

~ Though we often work hard to succeed, our success is usually realized best after helping others.

~ From the inside looking out is where the most accurate perception lies, so start there.

~ Careful reflection is often the one and only path to the truth.

~ Faith, belief and our testimony can be ridiculed and challenged by others but
   these cannot be taken away.

~ Charity - always thought to begin at home actually begins in our hearts.

~ Giving of ourselves will ultimately benefit us far greater than any thing that we could give.

~ At times our new beginnings are shaky at best but we continue on.

~ It seems that some doors are only opened gently by the harsh slamming of others.

~ Though actions are an important part of intent, words too are often needed.

~ Slowing down can often assure us the clarity needed to move forward.

~ We cannot sit idly by without action and watch life's injustice unfold before us.

~ Faith comes and goes but HE remains constant.

~ Opposites may indeed attract, but they often do not stick!

~ Sometimes just a little change can go quite a long way.

~ Use of your God given creativity may open doors to resolution of all sorts of woes.

~ Determination without direction can be detrimental to your dream development.

~ Miracles are often presented to us in many forms though we don't always accept them
   for what they are.

~ Sometimes, when mulling over the worse, we stumble upon the best.

~ Our FATHER always knows best - we need only listen to Him.

~ Opportunity can be waiting just around the corner and we must be willing to step into
   the unknown to access it.

~ The Lord created us to be creative (Exodus 31:3), so let's use this talent and create.

~ Seeking out and finding an old friend is like finding the rarest of gems, a true treasure to cherish.

~ All "work & no play" reap certain results, as does all "play & no work" - so you decide.

~ A New Year's Resolution from the heart is a Great Start! Happy New Year!

~ Christmas means more than "presents"; don't forget the "Presence" of this special day.

~ Family - an extension of ourselves whether we like it or not - so love them one and all.

~ Giving thanks in times like these can provide a bottomless resource for those in need.

~ Procrastination doesn't do away with; it makes the need more pressing when the inevitable arrives.

~ Allow yourself the luxury of change - sometimes it is well worth it and just what the doctor ordered.

~ With so many words available to define us, let us always pick the best that there are.

~ Smart women accept their limitations - - by limiting their acceptance of them.

~ Starting out is never easy, but never starting is always hard - so just GET STARTED!

~ SISTERS, more than just a gift from mom & dad - a gift from God! Happy Birthday!

~ Pursue your dreams as if YOU depended on it.

~ In all things be praised and praise in all things.                   
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Publishing Division
Creative Finesse has undertaken a minor, yet exciting, publishing role with the new novel A Different Light, by Taylor Van Son.  The recently released novel, You Rang!, is also under this publishing umbrella.  Future titles are already in the works.

The publishing process was intriguing and also very educational.  Though many may be intimidated by the thought of this, my Creative Finesse background - and the many faces and hats that includes - allowed me to dive right in.  The design of the book covers for A Different Light & You Rang! are also credited to Creative Finesse.

If you seek assistance with publication of your novel, you may want to check into the wonderful resource I found in Smashwords.  It is an online publishing source for your novels in eBook format.  It has lots of handy information to help make the e-publishing process worry and pain free.  Visit them at  Not to worry, they offer many how-to's and guidelines along with the basic musts and do-not's.  You can also list your eBooks for readers looking to purchase. Follow their founder on twitter at  If you desire helpful hints, feel free to
Email Me!  If I can be of assistance, I will most definitely be happy to help.

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