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Creative Resources . . .

I am happy to provide a roundup of the resources that I've come across in various places while pursuing my creative endeavors.  I hope that they are as useful, informative, fun and creativity inspiring for you as they are for me. The listing will continue to grow as I am able to continue to gather the resources and share with you.

Thanks for allowing me to be a resource to your resources!

Writing -

  • Elizabeth Spann Craig is a fun and very informative writing resource. She provides practical and useful writing tips, must have details for an author, has a blog, and also sends out the most educational array of writing tweets that I have come across in a long while.  You will benefit greatly from this resource.  She is also a published author of mystery novels.

  • Julie Issac has the web site Writing Spirit, another useful, diverse resource.  Plain speak, lots of tips and a blog too.  Julie is an author and a fun tweeter as well - hosts an online Twitter chat on Sundays - writechat. Her web is at

  • Author Rachel Hauck has a writing tips section on her website which can be found at:  She is another of my favorites from Twitter. 

  • The title of this webpage and Twitter account says it all! You can gain lots of author insight by visiting and following this source of information and detail provided by Jon Winokur.

  • Writers_Cafe found at Twitter has a web at  This is a writer gathering spot for insight, networking and learning.  Also fun and informative Tweets if you follow.

  • A literary group that specializes in Black books, authors, networking, chats, support,  encouragement, and spreading the word is Raw Sistaz. On Twitter under the same name. A great resource for this specific niche of the creative world.

  • Another is found at It is the African American Book Club and it is a "Black Book Promoter, Radio Show, Reviewer, Literary Source".  You can look it up on Twitter under the same name.

  • A Twitter resource for writers is They "have tweets on creativity for authors and writers who want to write better and get published. We show you how to get past writer's block!  Follow them and the large, specific group of followers that they have who interact with a common purpose.

  • Writer's Digest is a familiar and established resource.  They have a Twitter account that provides useful information for authors and their self description is "Helping writers since 1920. Publisher of Writer's Market series." To locate them on Twitter, their account is, in addition they can be found at Facebook as follows:

Inspirational -

  • Eleesha very successfully shares "personal words of inspiration and affirmations with the world".  Her website,, includes various inspirational resources and offerings that will help keep you motivated an on course in a positive manner.

  • My Life Keys has a web that is filled with inspiration and also resources that can help you stay motivated. On Twitter their bio reads, "Giving you the keys to unlock the greatness and abundance in your life... one Tweet at a time!"  Follow and enjoy them.

  • Spreading Joy was a joy to find and interact with.  Marie is dedicated to this very worthwhile cause and maintains an ongoing, very loving and uplifting Twitter account that has a diverse group of followers and an amazing thing called Tworship!  You should definitely visit her webpage where her nonprofit has a purpose of "reminding individuals of the joy of giving.  You can also find her in the CF Favorites group. Spreading Joy is a blessing indeed!

  • There are so very many inspirational people that I have encountered and am happy to share with you. Ariaa Jaeger is another She is also another Twitter favorite, describes herself as "Spiritual Life Strategist/Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Visionary and  Professional Intuitive who has taught thousands around the world with her special blend of wisdom, humor and accurate prophecy". That is a mouthful.  Visit her site and you will see - also follow her on Twitter.

  • A Christian blog that is offered by an uplifting Tweeter is  This is the personal blog of Sharri Tiner, known as sharritiner on Twitter. She summarizes her bio as "broken hearts are chosen vessels of God to carry His Glory".

  • FaithGoddes17 is found on Twitter.  Her Twitter descriptions states, "Faith Evangelist and Free Spirit. My purpose is spreading a worldwide message of God's supernatural love, faith and hope within you for creating a better world".

  • Daily Devotional or Inspiration Links -

    Click HERE - In Touch, Dr. Charles Stanley

    Click HERE - New Living Translation, Sign up for the Living Water daily devotional here

    Click HERE - Daily Devotions with Greg Laurie

    Click HERE - Oprah's Spirit and Self page

    Click HERE - Water of Life Community Church, Sermons

Technical -

  • Wordpress - a blog tool and publishing platform used by many in developing and maintaining websites and other communications outlets.

  • Smashwords - a publishing forum for those interested in getting their works out their to the reading world in eBook format.

  • - a website that highlights various nuances of social media and provides news and advice as well.  You can find and follow them on Twitter.

  • EReader News Today is an author support site that offers various promotional opportunities, eBook info, and exciting news and updates from the world of the electronic reader. Visit them at