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          Taylor Van Son

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Taylor Van Son writes Christian tales of supernatural suspense that are non-offending thrillers. Some have a hint of the romantic for those of us who love a good love connection. These are faith building, exciting stories with a TWIST! What you will find inside the pages is an UNEXPECTED but thought provoking story - with a shudder and a chill!

An avid bookworm, I am a loving and inspired mother, am single and free, and live in the IE - Southern California's Inland Empire.

I've always had an obsessive love for books - always - and was known at a very young age to go out of my way in search of a good read.

My first great romance was with Stephen King, my second with Jesus Christ. I found both in my youthful excursions, and both have remained as my steadfast and reliable loves, although some may consider this to be a rather confusing combination.

My style of writing, as many things in life tend to do, emanates from my strong and unyielding romantic views of my two loves. I tell stories of the supernatural and tales of suspense - but the Lord is the primary impetus, catalyst, and conclusion to all. Contradiction? Well not really, and as you venture forth into the minds of those who have been birthed from mine and tiptoe through their intense and intriguing tales, you will get it. You will get me.

I've been reading and writing stories and poems for far longer than I haven't been and, in between all of this, I've been living. More importantly to this telling about me, I've been observing you - the reader - as you navigate through this end of life. What I witness has amazed me. You may see yourself in my stories or recognize the you who could be, who very well may become, and if you do, thank you. Thanks for the inspiration. And I will close with, keep 'em coming, and I'll try my best to do the same.

Many blessings to you and your journey until we meet on the other side,

Taylor Van Son                                                   

Novels: "A Different Light" and "You Rang!"

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