Taylor Van Son, Author of Christian Suspense & Poetry


Edwina makes a frightening and inexplicable discovery. She can SEE inside of people in a unique, disturbing and strange way. It seems to show the good, but why her? Is she insane? Turmoil in her family, friendships, and with her new love escalate her ability and it now plagues her. This curse OR BLESSING must be confronted. And fast! Where to turn, what to do? First understanding, then acceptance.
A Different Light is a supernatural tale of suspense with romantic elements that makes for an exciting, fun, enlightening, and emotionally faith building read.

Edwina Scott, a young, professional woman, is frightened by the sudden and inexplicable discovery that she can see inside of people in a very special way. This revelation is disturbing not only because it is strange, but also because it seems to exist to show her the goodness in people. What does this mean, where did it come from, and why her? As she searches for answers in an attempt to learn what is happening to her, she also uncovers deeply rooted, unresolved issues in her family that seem to revolve around religion, a subject that was previously nonexistent.

After a chance run-in with a stranger who is desperate enough to attempt kidnapping, Edwina learns the other side of her gift. There is also a darkness that she can see, and her first encounter of this is with a loved one. While forced to grapple with this secret and another, she also has to deal with the even more frightening recurrences of this strange ability, as well as the question of whether it is a blessing or a curse, real or a sign of insanity.

Feeling quite alone, she finds herself confronted with various issues that bring to the forefront faith in general and the many ways people express it during difficult times in their lives. She is faced with the challenge of maintaining a new and special romance, along with a relationship with her sister, who is estranged from the family but has a special insight into holding them together; a relationship with her father, once a God loving man who now does not allow bibles in his home; and relationships with her fun-loving friends, some who first introduce her to faith, and others who surprisingly enough already have it. And all these while her deeply disturbing internal issues continue to plague her.

A Different Light starts out setting the tone for Edwina’s first experiences with the light and then quickly ramps up to include the antics of her friends, her whirlwind romance, and the events that lead up to the discovery of the true source of her special ability and her ultimate acceptance of it.


Taylor Van Son                         

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A Different Light, by Taylor Van Son, is a Christian tale of supernatural suspense that is a non-offending thriller with a hint of the romantic for those of us who love a good love connection. It is a faith building, exciting story with a TWIST! What you will find inside the pages is an UNEXPECTED but thought provoking story - with a shudder and a chill!

ebook / electronic book / E-book format available via Amazon.com. $2.99