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Independence is exciting for Lailah; a new city, apartment, job. Wrong number calls for a church are interesting but only at first - fright soon follows! Other odd incidents inflict issues into her relationships, and as Christians are introduced, also wreck havoc with her mother. The simple turns into nightmares and, broken, Lailah is forced to choose but has to understand the true meaning of all.

You Rang  is a supernatural suspense tale that also has romantic and fun, as well as sobering elements. It is the story of Lailah Brooks, a newcomer to the town of Highland Hills who is excited about her independence until she realizes that it comes with a price. She had believed that she was escaping the overly strong influence of her mother but instead has walked right into the perfect nightmare, and it all begins with a telephone ring and calls for a church. Where would be the fright in this? Lailah soon discovers.

As she goes about discovering her new town, she meets neighbors, co-workers and even her love interest, and finds out an interesting thing about them all. They are Christians, a new breed of animal indeed for Lailah. Raised as the only child of a bitter mother who is not only a non-believer but also one dead-set on making certain that they never even cross paths with the like, Lailah is faced with a strong decision, and it seems that she won’t be left alone to make it.

Living the long dreamed of life of a university professor, enlightening young minds and feeling as if she is giving back, Lailah should be as happy as they come. She has a fairy-tale romance with a wealthy, handsome, dream of a man who thinks of her as his destiny. She has a growing respect and admiration for her colleague, Darlene, and has found a strong personal admirer in her neighbor across the hall. The fact that they all happen to be Christians is just coincidence, or is it? The fact that her mother, the other half of her dynamic duo, would strongly object is pushed quietly aside – for now.

As issues escalate and cause a rift in her relationships, all of them, Lailah finds an odd and unexpected sense of comfort courtesy of her mother. Thus begins her time of coming to terms with her past and also her glimpse into her future.

Outside forces play a major role in guiding, or even pushing when needed, Lailah into the right direction. And it seems that they plan to win – at any and every cost! But who will win, and will there be a loser? This, too, Lailah must discover and she must do so on her own. Join her as she learns of faith, strong religious beliefs, and one's ability to prevail against almost insurmountable odds.

Compelling Christian, supernatural suspense tale that will inspire and uplift while also evoking strong emotional reactions to the plight of young Lailah.

Taylor Van Son                 

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You Rang! - - Another Taylor Van Son Christian tale of supernatural suspense, You Rang! offers many of the same suspense laden elements but with deeper supernatural and relational undertones. Your faith is reinforced, your spine tingling shudders will return, but this time with enhanced momentum. A thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting, and thrilling read!
ebook / electronic book / E-book format available via Amazon.com. $2.99