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Welcome to the Christian fictitious works of Taylor Van Son. 

Taylor Van Son writes Christian tales of supernatural suspense that are non-offending thrillers.  Some have a hint of the romantic for those of us who love a good love connection. These are faith building, exciting stories with a TWIST!  What you will find inside the pages is an UNEXPECTED but thought provoking story - with a shudder and a chill!

By clicking the "Title" in the box to the left, you will be directed to a brief summary of that particular tale of suspense by Taylor Van Son.  If you would like additional information on a specific story or wish to share a review, please feel free to write to me via my email address novel@creativefinesse.com,  and I will be happy to respond as appropriate. For your convenience, you may also do so by simply clicking the button below. 

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First available - A Different Light   (Click novel cover or "DETAILS" below for description)
Edwina makes a frightening and inexplicable discovery. She can SEE inside of people in a unique, disturbing and strange way. It seems to show the good, but why her? Is she insane? Turmoil in her family, friendships, and with her new love escalate her ability and it now plagues her. This curse OR BLESSING must be confronted. And fast! Where to turn, what to do? First understanding, then acceptance. DETAILS!

Recently released - You Rang!   (Click novel cover "DETAILS" below for description)
Independence is exciting for Lailah; a new city, apartment, job. Wrong number calls for a church are interesting but only at first - fright soon follows! Other odd incidents inflict issues into her relationships, and as Christians are introduced, also wreck havoc with her mother. The simple turns into nightmares and, broken, Lailah is forced to choose but has to understand the true meaning of all. DETAILS!

Future titles include: 

Rose Colored Glasses & A Different Light II: In The Beginning.
Once these works are completed, I will add the titles accordingly and you can obtain their summaries as well. 

The Lord has blessed me with a talent for storytelling.  I pray that the blessing continues and that you find these tales to be thought provoking, shiver sending, laughter inducing, and that you also receive enjoyment and spiritual uplifting by reading.

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Please pray for me and my gift.

All Glory to God.  Amen!

Taylor Van Son

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A Different Light, by Taylor Van Son, is a Christian tale of supernatural suspense that is a non-offending thriller with a hint of the romantic for those of us who love a good love connection. It is a faith building, exciting story with a TWIST! What you will find inside the pages is an UNEXPECTED but thought provoking story - with a shudder and a chill!

www.taylorvanson.com - A Different Light, Suspense Novel - Christian fiction
ebook / electronic book / E-book format available via Amazon.com.
Get A Different Light now.
You Rang! is the story of Lailah Brooks, a newcomer to the town of Highland Hills who is excited about her independence until she realizes that it comes with a price. She had believed that she was escaping the overly strong influence of her mother but instead has walked right into the perfect nightmare, and it all begins with a telephone ring and calls for a church. Where would be the fright in this? Lailah soon discovers.

Another Taylor Van Son Christian tale of supernatural suspense, You Rang! offers many of the same suspense laden elements but with deeper supernatural and relational undertones. Your faith is reinforced, your spine tingling shudders will return, but this time with enhanced momentum. A thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting, and thrilling read!
ebook / electronic book / E-book format available via Amazon.com.  You Rang! - available now.


of Suspense

A Different Light by Taylor Van Son

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You Rang! by Taylor Van Son

 You Rang






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