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Poetic Musings I am pleased to share the titles of various poems that I have written.
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Below, you will find a wide ranging variety of selections that include Christian, romantic, whimsical, intense, socially aware, and more.  I hope that you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing them.  If you check this page on a regular basis, you will see that I often share poems with you, the reader.  By following me on Twitter, you can be made aware of special promotions that may include a new poem posting or even complimentary sample chapters of my novels.  To express an interest in viewing additional selections that may not be featured, please send an email to novel@creativefinesse.com. Poetry may be reproduced only by first obtaining the permission of Creative Finesse.

All rights to poems are retained by Ms. Taylor Van Son c/o Creative Finesse.  You may not use or reproduce our poetry/ content, including with the intent to sale or for financial gain, without first obtaining the necessary approval.

Writing is a blessing and I do hope that you are blessed by my poetic musings and also my stories.

Many Blessings to you!

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 A Father1


 As Waters Rise

 A Poet


 Coming of Dawn

 Fly Away Home

 Gift Is Love

 His Creation

 His Grace

 Like A Rose

 Lost Words, Missed


 New Age Camelot


 One Youth

 Our Legacy

 Set My Sights

 Sometimes Goodbye

 The Walls*

 The Need To

 Trade Off

 Turn It All Over*

 Ultimately Me

 What And How?

 What Father Means

 Wedding Poem

 We As A People

 Wine And Beer

 Women of Santa Fe

 You Can't Buy Me1