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I am pleased to share my poetry with you.  I hope it touches you in all the places that you want, need or hope.
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Many blessings,
Taylor Van Son  
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by Taylor Van Son

She flaunts her creamy
Dreamy self
Without shame
But itís no game

She knows no better
Than to love
All that she is
Including his

She shakes and struts
From head to toe
Her arm entwined
Her eyesight blind

The glances follow
The words do too
But in her mind
These things are kind

For in her world
There is no wrong
All is great
He is her mate

She boldly kisses
As others seethe
Without shame
But it's no game

She knows no better
Than to love
All that she is
Including his


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Turn It All Over Indeed

by Taylor Van Son

With my eyes wide open and my head on straight

I found it impossible to design my own fate.

I felt in control, I knew what to do

But nothing would happen until I found You.

I had to decide to not go it alone

Found it most difficult to lay all at Your throne

Ever so hard to stop fighting for me

Tears shone in my eyes as I trusted in Thee.

A struggle ensued and I almost won out

I am thankful I lost and thatís without doubt

For my victory would mean that I was in charge

And if I had won, my loss would be large

For nothing I could do, nothing in my power

Would be able to save me in my darkest hour.

I could find a great job and a wonderful mate

I could win the state lottery, which all would think great

I could make grand speeches to gain the praise of the crowd

I could stand and bow to their applause made loud.

With me at the wheel lifeís rolling indeed

But nothing as grand as when Your word I do heed
And I finally decide to let You handle my need.


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The Walls Came Tumbling Down

by Taylor Van Son

He started his morning with a kiss for his wife

He had no idea that this day would end his life

She got down to pray with her children gathered Ďround

She doesnít want to think of him six feet beneath the ground


They struck from above and we have no idea why

They struck with our loved ones left here to cry

They struck close to home and our nation stands proud

They struck, these angry men who came forth from a cloud


She started her morning in a crowded company vanpool

She started her morning after dropping her kids at school

Now her husband and children stand amidst whatís left behind

Without a single hope that their loved one they will find


They struck from above and we donít understand

They struck our dear country, our most sacred land

They struck in the middle of our favorite town

They struck and the walls came tumbling down


They struck us these terrorists who live far away

They struck but we now have begun a new day

They struck and we attempt to gather accord

They struck and our country cries out for the Lord


They struck and they know not what it is they do

They struck and I turn to my neighbor with I love you

They struck and our nationís heart is faith filled

They struck and together America we will rebuild


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